Open Data Forum 2021

The day was led by Henrik Roonemaa


10.00 - 10.10Forum opening, start of webcast.

Greetings –Siim Sikkut, Deputy Chancellor of Digital Development, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

10.10 - 10.40The current state of the field of open data in Estonia -Ott Velsberg, head of data, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications


10:40 - 11:00Inspiration Range –Timo Pärn, Head of Strategic Clients, Creditinfo



11.00 - 11.20Stretch break

11.20 -  12.10Panel discussion:Where is the limit of open data? What is open data?Leads the discussionSigrit Target, data adviser, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.


Participants in the discussion:

  • Mirjam Rannula, adviser, public law department, Ministry of Justice

  • Jüri Jõema, adviser, Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Union (ITL)

  • Jan Kurvet, development manager, OÜ Krediidiregister

  • Dear Vello, Open Knowledge Estonia NGO / attorney at law, NJORD Law Firm

  • Liisi Jürgen, Open Knowledge Estonia NGO / attorney at law, NJORD Law Firm

12.10 – 13.10 Lunch break

13.10 – 14.10Flash Drives:

  • Real Time Economy -Sirli Heinsoo, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications - PRESENTATION SLIDES

End of webcast, movement of participants to virtual workshops.

14:20 - 15:25Workshops

Workshop 1: Valuing open data (in English).The workshop will be conducted by the participants of the project "Monte-Carlo analysis of the spread rate of the virus depending on people's mobility and social distancing."Daavet Kalda(TalTech) andAzer Ramazan(TalTech). Two institutes of TalTech's IT Faculty and the Institute of Cybernetics and the University of Tartu participate in the project.

The focus of the workshop is the use of open data in creating a population contact network model and the use of open data for COVID-19.Workflows are demonstrated in the workshop.

Workshop files:

Workshop 2: Linked open data around us. The workshop will be cancelled, participants are welcome to participate in other workshops if interested. 

Workshop 3: What is overlooked in data management?So far, our attention in data management has been on the following topics: the role and tasks of the data manager in the institution, overview of data sets, preparation of data description, data quality. Each of these topics, in turn, has narrower subtopics that may need more attention. If so, which ones? Data management can be viewed as narrower and broader tasks. At the moment we have delineated it, but hasn't something important been overlooked from the institution's point of view? Finally, what attention should we pay to related topics such as information management / information management or access management and open data? Conducts the workshopVeiko Berendsen(Statistics Office).



Workshop 4: What are language databases and who needs them?We talk about why language material is a valuable dataset and how language is used to create different technologies such as speech technologies, text anonymization, machine translation and more. The workshop will be conductedSusanna OjaandSilver Brave(Estonian Language Institute) andKadri Vare(Ministry of Education and Research).




The event is organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications from the support scheme of the European Union's structural support "Raising awareness of the information society", which is implemented by the State Information System Board and financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Reisekspert will help organize the event.