Autonomous robot couriers to optimize the home delivery of parcels

A crate-based solution

Cleveron believes that the kraut would contribute to the creation of autonomous robot couriers that could independently fill parcel machines. The implementation of the project would require additional legislation or an exemption granted to Cleveron that would allow autonomous robots to participate in road traffic as well.


The result

A solution of autonomous robot couriers based on the Krati principle would simplify the operation of the parcel machine network, reduce potential risks in the event of accidents and help streamline city traffic, as courier vehicles would not have to drive during the day – robot couriers would operate at night, when the traffic density is lower.


Cleveron is a technology company whose parcel dispensers, robots and robotic couriers help solve last-mile logistics problems. Cleveron's solutions make it quick, convenient and affordable for consumers to receive online store purchases and mail packages; also help companies to automate package-related processes and save costs.