Kratt for analyzing customer conversations

Customer conversations are an invaluable source of information when making management decisions. From the conversation, it is possible to find sales opportunities, dissatisfied customers, areas for improvement, etc. In order to make the information in calls easily accessible to ordinary users, Telia cooperates with Feelingstream, a company that offers conversation analysis solutions based on artificial intelligence. 


A crate-based solution


The analysis solution first helps to convert the conversation in the calls to text at a speed close to real-time with the help of crates. Then, crate-based solutions find the mood, topic and other commercially important pieces of information for each conversation. After that, Telia's employees can easily listen/read every conversation, monitor the development of the topic/mindset of the conversations over time, and make inquiries to find information for making decisions.


The result

To date, tens of thousands of hours of speech have been transcribed, making their content easily accessible to the average user. As a result, it is possible to look into all customer conversations, find sales opportunities, the most important areas for service improvement, monitor the progress of campaigns, find dissatisfied customers, find customers who want to buy, determine the training needs of customer service representatives, etc. 


All in all, Feelingstream's conversation analytics tool has provided glasses for managers to make decision-making easier based on customer conversations. In addition, Telia saves approximately 12,000 working hours a year, because call summaries are made by a clerk, not a customer service representative.




Feelingstream, a start-up operating in the Nordics and the Baltics, helps to find commercially important signals, such as sales opportunities, dissatisfied and departing customers, from customer conversations using crates. Feelingstream solutions are used by several large companies, including, for example, Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordic countries.