"Kratt" symbolism contest "Give kratti a face!"

Procedure for organizing the competition 

1. The organizers of the competition are the State Chancellery and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications 
2. Purpose of the competition 
2.1. The purpose of the competition is to create the symbolism of the "Kratt" project, which would help introduce Estonian artificial intelligence applications. 
3. Right and conditions of participation in the competition 
3.1. By submitting a design to the competition, the participant agrees to the competition conditions. 
3.2. Submitted concept drafts will not be returned to the authors. 
3.3. Contest participants bear all costs and risks related to the preparation and submission of the concept design. 
3.4. The winner of the competition must enter into an employment contract with the State Chancellery, on the basis of which the property rights of the author of their conceptual design are transferred to the State Chancellery and personal rights are licensed to the extent that is legally possible. The award amount includes a fee for copyright assignment and licensing. 
3.5. If several authors submit a creative design jointly, they must nominate their representative, who, in case of victory, will enter into contractual relations with the State Chancellery on behalf of all authors. 
3.6. Designs submitted to the design contest must be written in Estonian. 
4. Terms and technical description of concept designs submitted to the competition 

4.1. Submitted creative designs must be the original work of the author(s) and must not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. 
4.2. The creative design must include a logo proposed for the theme of artificial intelligence and a short explanation of up to 2000 characters how the logo is related to artificial intelligence applications. 
4.3. There are no restrictions on the shape of the logo, but it must take into account the purpose and channels of use of the logo (web, print, posters, posters, promotional gifts). 
4.4. Additional points are given to the presented creative design if the design of the symbol is based on the design and color logic of the Estonian brand.
4.5. If the concept design submitted to the competition, i.e. the proposed logo, turns out to be the winning entry, the logo submitter undertakes to submit additional visual elements to the State Chancellery and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications no later than 1 (one) month after the announcement of the winning entry: a description of the rules related to the logo (including protected areas), logo color codes for various printing methods for, color and black-and-white variation of the logo, files in vector and raster graphics, names of fonts used in the logo.
5. Award 
5.1. The prize is 3,000 euros,   which will be awarded to the submitter of the best creative design after fulfilling all obligations related to the winning work. 
5.2. One author may submit multiple creative designs. 
5.3. The best creative design and award recipient will be announced on May 20, 2019.
6. Evaluation of creative designs 
6.1. The creative designs submitted to the competition are evaluated by a jury formed by the State Chancellery and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, which includes the State Chancellery, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and two representatives of the design field. 
6.2. In the case of the submitted creative design, both the visual and the essential nature of the logo, i.e. the compatibility of the written explanation with the crate project and the possibilities of using it in the project in the future, are evaluated.
6.3. Creative designs that do not meet the conditions of the competition will be rejected and will not be evaluated. 
6.4. The jury may not award the award in the absence of concept designs of the corresponding level. 
7. Competition deadline and submission of concept designs 

7.1. The deadline for submitting creative designs is 12.05.2019. a at 23:59. 
7.2. Creative designs must be submitted to the State Chancellery at  ott.velsberg@mkm.ee.
7.3. Creative designs must be submitted electronically. The creative draft must be digitally signed. The digital envelope must contain a creative draft as a PDF file (printable). The digital envelope must contain the author's name or authors' names, contact telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, and a description of up to 20,000 characters accompanying the logo. 
8. Procedure for submitting questions 
8.1 All questions regarding the terms of the design competition must be submitted in writing to the e-mail addressott.velsberg@mkm.ee
9. Informing the participants about the decisions made during the concept competition
9.1. The State Chancellery and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications will inform the participants of the decisions made during the competition by e-mail at the address provided by the participant to the competition organizers. Information about the winning entries will also be added to the website of the crates projectwww.kratid.ee