Bureaucrat roadmap for 2020
Roadmap with visualizations is foundhere!

What is Bürokratt?

Bureaucrat is the vision of how digital public services should work in the age of artificial intelligence (AI)

Bürokratt will be an interoperable network of AI applications, which enable citizens to use public services with virtual assistants through voice-based interaction

What problem is Bürokratt solving?

Problem:people don't know which public agency to contact, they don't have an overview of their obligations and opportunities offered by government, communication is time-consuming for both the people and the government

Opportunity:Improvements in AI and especially virtual assistants (eg in mobile devices) enable to solve this problem significantly better than before

Background:Mobile devices are used by 98% and Internet by 90% of Estonian households. The use of mobile devices and the Internet continues to increase among the public.

Aim:To make digital public services radically easier to use and more accessible to people through voice-based virtual assistants, thereby providing the best user experience for digital government

Bureaucrat roadmap for 2020:

Chatbot and messaging room PoC

Project goal:Develop an open-source chatbot and test the interoperability of bots, using message rooms

Future benefits:People can communicate with the government 24/7 and thanks to the interoperability of bots, it is possible to direct contacts efficiently between different government agencies

Duration:July – December 2020

Involved agencies:State Information System Authority (RIA), Policy and Border Guard Board, IT Center for Ministry of Interior, Government CIO Office

Analysis and PoC on the use of alternative channels

Project goal:Today it is not possible to have personalized communication between government agencies and citizens through private-sector digital channels (e.g. Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook). We will attempt to integrate multiple digital channels and create a means for citizens to authenticate themselves with national ID in private sector channels.

Future benefits:alternative channels can be used to communicate with the government and inform citizens, by using AI applications

Duration:August – December 2020

Involved agencies:State Information System Authority (RIA), Agricultural Registries and Information Board, Government CIO Office

Classification of citizen messages: analysis and PoC

Project goal:To complete analysis and create a PoC on how to classify citizen messages at domain/sectoral level

Future benefits:classification of citizen messages enables to automatically classify messages and forward them to the responsible AI bot or agency. Therefore, the citizen does not need to know which agency to contact

Duration:August – December 2020

Involved agencies:Government CIO Office, State Information System Authority (RIA), Statistical Office, Policy and Border Guard Board, etc.

Analysis and PoC of eesti.ee national mobile app

Project goal:Based on the analysis and PoC, decide whether there is a need for separate eesti.ee national mobile application as a channel/interface for Bürokratt

Future benefits:The administrative burden of the citizen is reduced by combining and improving accessibility of services and through creating the possibility for voice-based communication

Duration:August 2020 – January 2021

Involved agencies:State Information System Authority (RIA), Government CIO Office

Speech synthesis

Project goal:To make speech synthesis quality more similar to human voice

Future benefits:Enable use of public services through voice-based interaction with AI-based assistants

Duration:Until September 2020

Involved agencies:Ministry of Education and Science, Institute of the Estonian Language, University of Tartu

Information extraction

Project goal:Extract important information from citizen messages such as location data, names, e-mails etc.

Future benefits:Enable better and more citizen-centric public services by understanding faster the intent of the messages – to make AI bots work more effectively and efficiently in response

Duration:Until December 2020

Involved agencies:Ministry of Education and Research, University of Tartu, Government CIO Office

Consent management platform

Project goal:Enable citizens to give third parties (eg private companies and AI bots) access to their personal data

Future benefits:A person has the opportunity to share their personal data in order to receive personalized services, eg using private sector AI solutions through Bürokratt

Duration:Until May 2021

Involved agencies:State Information System Authority (RIA), Government CIO Office, Ministry of Social Affairs, etc

Cooperation with companies

Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, etc.

Project goal:Launch cooperation and agree on an action plan to integrate Bürokratt with at least one global company developing virtual assistants

Future benefits:Citizens can access public services and contact the government through existing, widely used, virtual assistants

Duration:Until December 2020

Involved agencies:Government CIO Office

Cooperation with Finland

Bureaucrat and AuroraAI

Project goal:Launch cooperation with the Finnish government and agree on an action plan to test and develop cross-border AI services' interoperability 

Future benefits:Citizens can be offered cross-border public services through Bürokratt

Duration:Until December 2020

Involved agencies:Government CIO Office

A further roadmap (2021+) will be prepared by January 2021, based on the results of the initial roadmap