Economy dial regulating underfloor heating

When heating homes with electric underfloor heating solutions, there are several factors that affect maintaining the required temperature within a specified range. At the same time, the thermal inertia of the floors is one of the most important parameters that is not taken into account in heating and smart electricity use today.

A crate-based solution

As a solution, Smart Load Solutions proposed a smart floor heating thermostat that regularly monitors the most important parameters (floor temperature, outside temperature and floor power) and stores them in a database. Based on this data, the krati can assess how external heating sources and floor insulation affect the temperature of the floor: the collected data is processed with a machine learning algorithm, and as a result, a specific heating algorithm for the building is found, which makes it possible to maintain the desired indoor climate.

The result

The created solution makes it possible to control various parameters when heating rooms with underfloor heating, based on the stock exchange price of electricity, indoor and outdoor temperatures, and other parameters. The result is more optimal heating of rooms, lower electricity costs and a more uniform room temperature.

In the future, it is planned to check the devices also as aggregated sets, which would make it possible to make electricity production more accurate and reduce unreasonable emergency switching on by electricity producers.



Smart Load Solutions OÜ is a company producing smart floor heating controllers. The broader goal of the company is to harmonize electricity consumption in the electricity grid through intelligently managed heating systems.