Chat to solve customer's concerns

People's habit of receiving information immediately - regardless of the time of day, day of the week and place - has significantly changed the field of customer service. In order to make getting information quick, easy and 24/7 for customers, Telia decided to cooperate with AlphaBlues, a startup that creates chatbots and develops artificial intelligence in Estonia. Together, the chatbot Mia was created, which provides answers to questions on Telia's website in seconds.


A crate-based solution


Chat robot Mia is an artificial intelligence-based solution that helps customers get quick answers to their questions. This means that when a customer comes to Telia's website and asks the chatbot a question, the chatbot understands what the customer wants and gives an answer. Since Telia's customer service volume in Estonia is large and customers' questions are often similar, kratt helps to significantly optimize customer service.


The result

Today, Mia has already chatted with tens of thousands of customers and her capabilities are constantly growing. Mia has been developed on AlphaBlues own AlphaAI product to understand free text in Estonian. Secondly, Mia is connected to Telia's customer service representatives, meaning that if Mia gets in trouble with an answer, she forwards the conversation to Telia's customer service representative. Pretty soon, Mia will also answer people's questions personally. In other words, if the question is "how much is my bill", Mia asks the customer to authenticate and then gives an exact answer, e.g. "the bill is X euros". This makes it possible to immediately offer detailed information and make customers' lives even more convenient and faster.



AlphaBlues is a startup developing artificial intelligence in Estonia. Several other large Estonian and foreign companies also use chatbots built by AlphaBlues in the last two years for customer communication - among others, for example, LHV Pank, Monese, Lattelecom, Tallink, Estonian Statistics Office and others. According to the company, chatbots can be built in quite different ways, and the solution created for Telia was primarily based on the fact that it would make the company's business processes more efficient and offer quick help to customers.