On this page you can find out more about the materials of the events related to the crates project.

Crate meeting

On December 11, the Kratitreff was held for representatives of the public and private sector and universities, the purpose of which was to bring together the community in the field of AI and introduce the current state and activities of artificial intelligence, or Krats. 

Check out the video recordings of the event here!

Museumcrat idea hackathon

October 28, 2019 in Tallinn, at the History Museum


The fact that Estonia has awesome museums is known all over the world. Now is the time to make the next leap in development and put artificial intelligence, or Kratt, to work for museum exhibitions and audience programs! For this, the Heritage Protection Board invites museums to a mini-hackathon in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. During the hackathon, the five best ideas proposed by the museums will be tested and developed further in a team consisting of professionals from different fields, and they will be shaped into the starting tasks of the projects.

Check out the event materialswith:

Crates in the Estonian public sector- Ott Velsberg

10x10 Idea Generation Form - Ott Velsberg


Project Canvas - Ott Velsberg

The final seminar on the preparation of the action plan of the Estonian Krat

May 28, 2019 in Tallinn, TalTech


Since August 2018, the Krati expert group has been meeting to develop proposals on how to benefit from the implementation of artificial intelligence, or Krati, in Estonia - including what measures to implement for this. At the final seminar on the preparation of Krat's action plan, the action plan born from this work was presented for the first time, and interested and related parties were invited to the final seminar of the expert group.

The final seminar was chaired by IKT vice chancellor Siim Sikkut from MKM, the plan and measures to accelerate the introduction of crates in the (e-)state of Estonia were presented by e-government data manager Ott Velsberg from MKM, the plan and measures to accelerate the introduction of crates in the Estonian economy more broadly, lead consultant Siim Aben from Ernst & Young introduced the summary of the legal analysis and proposals for changes to the law, Professor Tanel Kerikmäe from the Tallinn University of Technology presented the Law Institute.

Check out the event materialswith:

Plan and measures to speed up the introduction of crates in the (e-)state of Estonia- Ott Velsberg

Plan and measures to accelerate the introduction of crates in the wider Estonian economy- Siim Aben, Ernst&Young


Summary of the legal analysis and proposals for amendments to the law- Tanel Kerikmäe, Tallinn University of Technology

The Kratts Conference
On January 30, 2019, in Tallinn, at the Nordic Hotel Forum

In order for Estonia to be able to develop and implement solutions based on artificial intelligence, it is necessary to make decisions today. We convened the parties in the field in order to come up with proposals, based on which to create an action plan for crates for Estonia. The purpose of the seminar was to have an initial discussion of possible proposals: to brainstorm together what we can and must do in Estonia to benefit from crates.

In order to start the discussion, presentations were presented on the work of the expert group of the Krats: interim summaries of legal analysis, public sector and private sector action plan. In addition, as a foreign guest, Pekka Sivonen (Business Finland) from Finland came to the conference to speak about the country's ambitious plan to turn crates into a new success story for the Finnish economy. The event was opened with a welcome by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and IT, Rene Tammist.

Check out the event materials:

Introduction to the crate project- Siim Aben, Ernst&Young

The starting points of the public sector strategy- Ott Velsberg, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

The starting points of the private sector strategy- Siim Aben, Ernst&Young

Introduction of the legal working group project "Legal issues related to the use of autonomous intelligent technologies"- Dr. Tanel Kerikmäe, TalTech, Jaanus Tehver, law firm Tehver & partners

Overview of Finnish strategy "AI agenda. Exploring FIN-EST collaboration avenues"- Pekka Sivonen, Digital Transformation of Finnish Industries

Working group materials:

  • Materials of the public sector working group on the field of open data

  • Materials of the public sector working group on the implementation of crates in the public sector

  • Materials of the private sector working group

  • Materials of the Law Working Group

  • Proposals of the Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Union regarding the preparation of the Estonian artificial intelligence strategy